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Iceland Adventure Photography


Great stories come from real life experiences, but the best stories come from experiences outside of our comfort zone. I have been lucky enough to venture out on some great adventures in my life, and this is a place where I hope to share these memories. 

From the dunes of the Sahara, to the frigid rivers of the Rocky Mountains, traveling has given me a great appreciation for nature and our ability to experience hints of life before concrete. I hope you enjoy these small snippets of my adventures, and I hope to share more adventures here in the future. 


Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite film of all time is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The story of a man who lives his life inside of his own mind, divided into segments of hyperbolic day dreams. 

When I saw this film, it made me reflect on how I was living my own life at the time. In the film, Walter sets out on the adventure of a life time. Taking him out of the comfort zone of his darkroom at Life magazine, and into unbelievable moments of adventure.

On his journey, he takes a leap of faith, leading him to a life full of stories, which is what I had always wanted from my own life. 
After seeing the film in 2016, I decided I needed to take some leaps of my own. Equipped with my passport, my camera, and a ticket to Reykjavik, Iceland, I spent 16 days driving the circumference of Iceland during the midnight sun. 

It is a trip that will always hold a very special place in my heart.




In 2016, I was hired to travel to Morocco with an up and coming fashion magazine, Electrify Magazine. As part of a small team, we were able to travel throughout the country and experience smalls slices of Moroccan culture. From the narrow streets of Marrakech, to the vast night sky over the Sahara, it was a humbling experience for a kid from Long Island. 

I look forward to heading back to Morocco in the future. I miss their delicious food...



After graduating from SVA in 2015, I embarked on the trip of a lifetime. This will always be remembered as the trip that forever changed my life. 

With four of my best friends, we rented a minivan packed it with a couple tents, a cooler, and a whole lot of memories. 

Over 11,717 miles through 27 states, this trip taught me a lot about life outside of the northeast united states. It was on this trip I saw many 'firsts.' My first glimpse of a snowcapped mountain, my first time dipping my toes in the cold Pacific, my first time feeling the scolding heat of the desert sun. I learned to be adaptable, to move past certain fears I had held onto, and to truly embrace my adventurous spirit. I learned to slow down and look around, something that isn't easy to do growing up in New York. 

This trip bonded me with four like-minded friends. It's home to some of my favorite memories and stories I'm proud to have been a part of. Most importantly, it gave me a great sense of pride to have grown up in the United States, what I believe to be home to some of the worlds most beautiful landscapes.


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